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Where every girl has a pleated skirt, is the most beautiful costumes of the dowry: they will each fold separate sewing integration embroidery. And pleated skirts with other jewelry, a huge headdress and other jewelry, such as horse prance in between the folds of silver chased with a pony. This scarf witness is pleated skirts and one encounter of the museum. This pleated skirt provided by Longchamp Handbag, has now become the museum collections.
Neutral, square, leather texture, shoulder strap can be adjusted to the shoulders back, the most traditional clamshell design and dual buckle, Cambridge did not have any fancy package looks and superior to others, but the one time you can frequently in the shot in the street fashion blog and see it, the designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons brand is jointly launched with CDG x Cambridge Satchel, let Cambridge package in Paris Fashion Week show floor.

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